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Q Does TouchJams come with any music?


Absolutely not.  The end user of TouchJams must supply their own music; MP3s, WMAs, etc.

Q Does TouchJams support DRM (Digital Rights Management)?



Q Why does the volume up/down and mute not work?
A This is an issue with your sound drivers and Windows 8/10.  Either update your sound drivers or run TouchJams in Windows 7 compatibility mode.  For help with this please click here.

Q I am unable to play video files in TouchJams.  Why is this?
A TouchJams requires the K-Lite Codec Pack to be installed.  This product is FREE and can be found here.

Q How do I exit Party mode and enter Administrator mode?
A In the upper right corner of TouchJams you'll see the image .  Double-click this image and enter the administrator password (the default is "2468").

Q When trying to play a song, or add it to the queue, I get the message "Please select this song at a later time".  Why is this?
A To prevent this from happening, go to Program Options/Queue Options, in the Same Song Play Detection, uncheck the the Enabled checkbox.  This is a feature implemented for bar/pub/tavern use.

Q How do I perform a complete uninstall of TouchJams?
A Simply running the TouchJams uninstall from the Control Panel will not completely uninstall TouchJams, as all the user generated data will remain.  To uninstall this data, you will need to manually delete the following folders:

    Windows XP - logged in as Administrator
     1) C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\TouchJams
     2) C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TouchJams  

    Windows Vista/7/8 - logged in as Joe
     1) C:\Users\Joe\AppData\Roaming\TouchJams
     2) C:\ProgramData\TouchJams

Note:  For Windows Vista/7/8, if you are unable to see these folders, you will have to go to Control Panel/Folder Options/View tab, and select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".

Q How do I upgrade to the latest version of TouchJams?
A All customers receive TouchJams program updates free of charge, for life.  Click here for details.


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