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January 16, 2018
  • New skin added, Dark Blue 1360 x 768 Portrait
  • New skin added, Dark Blue 1920 x 1080 Portrait
January 12, 2018 - Rerelease
  • New keyboard mapping functionality: balance left, balance right, balance center
  • Album view bug fix : when displaying titles for various artists album, items are now sorted correctly by track when track is set to be displayed
  • Album art bug fix : when upgrading to new TouchJams version which contains db schema changes, under certain conditions the wrong album art will be displayed.  This should now be fixed.  Please note, this new TouchJams version doesn't contain db schema changes.
  • Library Source bug fix : minor bug fix where editing the folder of a library source could cause issues
  • National Music Charts bug fix : for TouchJams users in the USA, the US chart label was wrong
  • Network Remote Control bug fix : clicking search results let to errors, this is now fixed.
  • New skin added, Metal Zone 1024 x 768 by S R FAIRHURST
  • New skin added, Lil Black Box 2018 - 1920 x 1080 by Vibe FX Designs
January 03, 2018 - Release
  • Update Library bug fix - cancel button causing things to hang
  • Update Library - improved performance when updating image cache
December 29, 2017 - Release
  • Bug fix with album art distortion
  • Added functionality to specify output sound card - Options/Sound/Volume - Output Device/Configure
  • Music charts - ability to customize each chart:  nation, local file or download.
  • Ability to specify image resize mode - Options/System/Health - Internal.  If the resize mode is changed, album art will be automatically updated
  • Bug fix when updating to new version of TouchJams and updating the library yields incorrect album art
  • Online skin browser within TouchJams - added minimize/maximize/restore to window caption
  • Installing new version of TouchJams will no longer require reactivation of product key
December 19, 2017 - Release
  • Added support for multiple genre tags.  Multiple genres can being specified in the genre tag value by separating each one with a delimiter.  Delimiters recognized by TouchJams are: ; , \ \\ /
  • Updated the Getting Started Wizard (this appears on clean installs only).  Music folders can be specified manually or TouchJams will scan local drives and set things up automatically.
  • Update Library - prevent computer from sleeping.  On large music collections and slow machines, TouchJams will prevent the computer from going to sleep.
  • Genre groups bug fixes in Options/Sound/Auto DJ and Options/System/Music Filter.
  • Bug fixes with library folders containing the single apostrophe
  • Increased performance while updating the media library
  • Library/Genre/Year Filter views - the lists can be displayed as thumbnails or the old style checkboxes.  Thumbnails is the new default.  To switch back to checkboxes see Options/View Settings - Library/Genre/Year
  • Web browser remote control - bug fixes
  • File/Folder Watch for Changes - bug fixes. 
  • Year tag value validation - invalid tag values (non-numerical text, invalid years, etc.) are now treated as empty
November 22, 2017 - Release
  • Updated to latest Db version
  • Updating Library Window - Music/Video/Karaoke: 1) added a few more status indicators  2) added a Help button which will bring up a help screen giving tech info related to performance, etc. Here's a link to that help screen - click here
  • Updating Library: many bug fixes here and also made some performance optimizations
  • AutoDJ - Top Played / New Songs bug fixes:  1) songs were being picked more frequently than others, better randomization code added  2) list is maintained of which songs where played, after all songs played, the list is reset and everything starts over
  • Import via USB: somewhere along the way this became broken, it's now fixed
  • Year/Genre filters: bugs fixed where if you messed with the Year/Genre screens the Home view would contain empty list, I believe this is fixed now
  • Year View/Year Select - removed New Releases from the list.  This was done because you can/should view the new releases via the Recently Added view
  • Year View/Year Filter - removed New Releases from the list.  Same reasoning as above, and, it just didn't make sense to be able to filter by New Releases and by decade.  Also, fixed bug where the selections being made where not being saved correctly
  • Year View/AutoDJ Year- removed New Releases from the list.  This was done since there is already an AutoDJ options for new releases (Options/Sound/Auto DJ/Options), you can specify the source percentage values (Library/Top Played/Recently Added).
  • Options/System/Power Options - for Prevent Computer From Sleeping, added Keep Display On and Away Mode
  • Other small bug fixes
Older News

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